Who the Heck is this Guy? And what is he talking about?

First let me explain why I write this whole down. It’s pretty easy. In 1996 I invented the whole concept of Web2.0 (User generated content, target group advertising, location and interested based marketing, output on different devices, micro payment etc).

I also programmed and designed a working prototype and a business plan. Unfortunately at that time nobody of the VC companies I contacted understood my ideas and all refused to finance me. Bad luck.

Now I will write my ideas of the perfect eBay-Killer down and present it to the public. I am quite sure that I will not be able to exploit this ideas. But I will make sure that in the future, when somebody else is successful with a similar business concept nobody will laugh when I emphasize that I had the same ideas maybe decades before. I am sure that the never vanishing brain of the Internet will store this document forever, and with the help of wayback.,org even time stamped.

Why did I chose eBay? Well, the answer is at hands. Ebay simply is the synonym for business on the Internet.

Neuss, Germany, November 2008

PS. You can download my old business plan if you want to.